Who we are


Unique Laser is a clinic operated by a team of professionals with broad experience in laser hair removal and medical skin treatments.Our doctors have been performing skin and cosmetic procedures for many years and will be performing all the skin cancer checks, melasma and vascular lesions as well as mole and vein removal.Our focus on continuously researching the latest skin treatments and laser technology around the world means that you can be confident you receive the highest quality and most effective treatments available. Unlike other laser clinics which use the same laser for different treatments, we use the optimal laser for each treatment in order to provide the best results. We continuously update our technology according to the evolution of the market.

Our Mission

At Unique Laser our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, most effective laser hair removal and medical skin treatments available at affordable prices.
Our highly qualified medical and aesthetic professionals have the skills, passion and commitment to take care of you and to make you look and feel your best.

What we do

Unique Laser specialises in laser hair removal and medical skin treatments:

Diode laser hair removal offers many benefits over other types of laser, IPL, waxing and shaving. Diode laser technology allows us to offer permanent hair removal results in much less time than other methods and technologies thanks to its 810nm wavelength. Unlike other types of lasers, our diode lasers treat all skin colours, even black and suntanned skin, and provide higher levels of protection and comfort during treatments.

Medical skin treatments to enhance your unique beauty. For the body, we offer body shaping treatments such as cavitation, which eliminates fat and reduces cellulite; and radiofrequency for skin tightening, which corrects skin texture and improves skin tissue and elasticity. We also medically remove veins and moles.

For the face, we also offer facial radiofrequency; hydrodermabrasion, which deeply exfoliates and hydrates to attain a healthier, younger looking skin; chemical peels, dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections to soften and hydrate facial lines, naturally restore volume, smooth wrinkles and enhance features.

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