Acne & Congestion

Acne and congestion are skin conditions caused by blockages of follicles and sebaceous glands; this can create underlying congestion or even lead to bacterial proliferation.

Whilst more prevalent in teenagers, acne and congestive conditions effect all age groups and demographics.
The main causes are over production of sebum by the skin, blockage of follicles from a build up of dead skin cells and oxidised oil plugs, or abundance of certain types of bacteria on the skin which causes a pH imbalance. All of these imbalances may lead to cystic acne, inflammatory pustular activity or a build up of congestion underneath the skins surface.

Stress, medication, diet, environment and hormones may all play a part in the causation or exacerbation of these skin concerns. At Unique Laser, we take a tailored and holistic approach in all of our skin consultations; this process comes perfectly into play when addressing any acne or congestive concern, depending on the underlying factors.

Our primary focus is to build your skin health, and nourish your skin with the appropriate active ingredients that will help the skin regulate its own cellular processes, as opposed to over exfoliating. Over exfoliating and stripping the skin with scrubs, and excessive use of acids or drying product, actually destroys or completely removes the upper layer of the
epidermis. This layer is responsible for communication signals to the lower layers of the skin which is pivotal for cellular regulation and skin function, a well as being the home of your microbiome. Removing this layer causes unnecessary skin stress, trans-epidermal water loss, sensitivity, and a complete imbalance of the natural skin flora.

Balancing oil flow, disrupting bacterial proliferation, regulating your cell turnover and supplying the skin vital ingredients from our cosmeceutical ranges for regulation and rebuilding the protective acid mantle of the skin is the perfect approach for treating acne and congestion.

Feature Treatments

Book or find out more about our recommended treatments. To discuss individual needs and goals, please contact your clinic or book a complimentary skin or laser consultation.


Awaken and energise a dull complexion with a mild exfoliating lactic acid peel. A natural exfoliation that removes the surface skin cells and clear congestion, leaving you with a visibly smoother and radiant complexion.

Resurfacing Power Peel

This layered power peel is one of the most effective peels available to treat problematic skin conditions and defeat the signs of ageing with no downtime. By layering the peel, we increase penetration whilst keeping the skin cool and comfortable. Our secret weapon combination of alginate mask and LED follows the peel to calm and heal, increasing collagen production for a beautiful luminous radiance.

Smooth & Bright

Breathe new life into a dull complexion with the combination of our lactic peel and micro-dermabrasion to refine the appearance of the skin. Perfect to treat problematic skin by reducing congestion and inflammation this peel will leave your skin smooth, clear and bright.

Calm & Clear

Perfect to treat congested, acne prone skins, this facial will strengthen the skin’s immunity response, reducing redness and calming inflammation. A sophisticated blend of active cosmeceuticals clarifies and sooth the complexion. Combined with LED to intensify results and accelerate healing and skin repair.

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