Cosmedical Peels

Whatever your skin concern or goal, we have a skin treatment to help you get there. For best results, create your own Skin Journey with our team of passionate therapists. One treatment is just the beginning. A bespoke series of tailored treatments will deliver solutions exactly the way you need them.

Chemical peeling is a deep exfoliation that helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin. It involves the application of exfoliating agents to remove the outer layers of the dermis and/or epidermis revealing brighter, healthier skin. Chemical peels are perfect for smoothing fine lines, treating acne, congestion, and scarring, reducing age spots, freckles, and other superficial pigment discolouration. Depth, results and downtime depend on the strength of agents used. For stronger chemical peels, it is important to prepare the skin a few weeks before treatment. Your experienced therapist will advise you of the most suitable peel and preparation for your skin

Cosmelan is now available at Unique Laser. Cosmelan is a leading treatment program that acts on all stages of the hyperpigmentation process, to completely remove existing superficial pigmentation and prevent reappearance of dark spots.

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Feature Treatments

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Awaken and energise a dull complexion with a mild exfoliating lactic acid peel. A natural exfoliation that removes the surface skin cells and clear congestion, leaving you with a visibly smoother and radiant complexion.

Youth Elixir

Suited to all skin types, this anti-ageing facial incorporates the powerful benefits of a transformative cool peel to effectively reduce the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines, sun-damage and uneven skin tone. Enhanced with the firming alginate mask and restorative light therapy your skin will be restored with a vibrant and beautiful healthy radiance


Brighten your skin with this gentle yet effective enzyme peel combined with a boost of vitamin C crystals to smooth and even skin tone leaving your skin visibly refreshed.

Pigment Powerhouse

Cosmelan is an intensive two-phase treatment program that accelerates the elimination of stubborn pigment, rapidly revealing a brighter, clearer complexion. Ideal for those concerned with pigmentation, sun damage or inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused from acne. Suitable for application to the face, neck or chest areas for luminous pigment-free skin.

Smooth & Bright

Breathe new life into a dull complexion with the combination of our lactic peel and micro-dermabrasion to refine the appearance of the skin. Perfect to treat problematic skin by reducing congestion and inflammation this peel will leave your skin smooth, clear and bright

Freedom 30

Freedom 30 is a collection of unique power programs designed to deliver dramatic results in only 12 weeks.

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