What Are Chemical Peels?

Rafael Giralda
January 22nd, 2021

Chemical peels are designed to encourage epidermal shedding. Peels can range in depth, there are superficial, medium and deep peels available depending on your skin concerns.

Commonly, peels are made up of AHAs and BHAs such as lactic, glycolic, salicylic and mandelic acid, which help to remove dry, dull skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter, more radiant skin.


Chemical peels are ideal for clients who are experiencing dullness, acne and ageing.


What to expect during a chemical peel?

Following an in-depth consultation with your clinician, you will be prescribed your specific treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Before you have your in-clinic chemical peel facial, you will be prescribed before-care products that will prep your skin so it is ready for the peel. This is extremely important as prepping products will ensure that the peel is the most effective and that your skin responds well to treatment.


During the peel procedure, the clinician will deeply cleanse the skin, followed by application of the peel solution. The peel will be left on the skin to work its magic, and multiple layers may be used depending on the client and their skin concern.



What peel is right for me?


Dry skin: Try our AHA Enzyme Peel

This will renew and soothe the skin, along with hydrating and micro exfoliating dull, flaky skin.


Ageing skin: Ageless Peel

Helps to reduce the appearance of visible signs of sun damage and ageing.


Pigmentation and acne skin: Purple Peel

Our most intensive peel designed to resurface and regenerate skin.


For EVERY skin type: Environ Cool Peel

This peel is a little bit different to traditional peels like those listed above because it will actually not make the skin peel. It is a super gentle, yet effective lactic acid blend that targets fine lines, pigmentation, ageing and dehydration in the skin. This peel can be layered and occluded to increase product penetration for clients who have had a few treatments.

Our new Skin Treatment Menu offers these peels and more within a program targeted to your individual skin goal and concerns. To find out which is best for you, book a complimentary skin consultation with your clinic today via our website or contact the clinic directly.

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